ATamp;T Offers Relief for Customers amp; Employees_2

Jason Montgomery, an AT&T freedom area engineer, plays five-hour extended arenas via sociable network to achieve others dispersed in their houses. See Complete Story >> Decision By clicking this link you are leaving AT&T’s website. The views, opinions and other information introduced by the external website don’t necessarily reflect those of AT&T. Bonus for Front-line Managers we’re recognizing first-level supervisors who supervise our nonmanagement workers and first-level managers who are expected to leave their homes to complete their work using a monthly appreciation bonus up to $for time , effective 25 and till further notice. We’ll share more details on eligibility and the payout date soon. AT&T Offers 20% Bonus to Front-line Employees We’ve got a duty like few other companies throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Physicians and medical care providers, our FirstNet first responders and our customers depend on us to remain connected. Thanks for all our workers, but our coworkers workers that are working hard serving customers in this tough time. To show our appreciation for all these workers, effective 25 and till further notice: We’ll pay a 20% bonus over the normal hourly rate of pay to bargained-for workers for time worked in the area, office or at home. That bonus will be included within at&t offers relief for customers & employees their regular rate of pay for purposes of calculating overtime prices. We value our employees’ commitment to being there for our customers and each other. Extending Paid Leave our Employees As we continue to evaluate the effects of COVID-19 on the business, our clients and our communities, we realize some of our workers have particular requirements and can’t fulfill their roles either at the workplace or from home at this time — so we wish to keep to provide help. We are extending our initial 80 hours paid, off time to up to a total of 160 hours to the following scenarios: Employees that have tested positive for COVID-19 and stay quarantined. UPDATED: Workers that are at greater risk because of an underlying health condition (65+, chronic lung disease or moderate to severe allergies, acute heart problems, immunocompromised such as cancer treatment, severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] >40) or certain underlying health conditions, especially if not well controlled, such as those with diabetes, renal failure or kidney disease). Parents or guardians of kids whose schools or daycares have closed for COVID-19 and for whom the other child care option is not yet available. Principal health care for someone diagnosed using COVID-19 who is unable to provide self-care

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