PCSX2 Tutorial

About PCSX2

PCSX2 was the first PlayStation 2 emulator. Through continuous development, it’s stayed the best one around! Game compatibility is high. It handily comes equipped with its own plug-ins, which can be customized. PCSX2 takes a fast computer so as to run well. You may have trouble using it if you’re using a budget laptop or even a Windows tablet.

Together with other emulators you can get away with using your computer keyboard for gameplay. However, with PCSX2 it’s pretty difficult, given the PlayStation 2 control’s miniature joysticks. I strongly advise purchasing a gamepad with this emulator.

Don’t download PCSX2 from their site

The download of PCSX2 in the official site hasn’t been updated recently.follow the link romshub.com At our site Rather, you are going to come across the most latest releases of this emulator from this’automated builds’ page.

Intro to plug system

PlayStation 2 emulation revolves round the plug in system. The same system utilized by PlayStation 1 and N64 emulators. PlayStation emulators are only the shell of the surgery.

PCSX2 already comes armed with plug-ins, which means you don’t need to think about downloading them separately and configuring them manually. I still want to examine the different types of plug-ins with you. It’s good to be educated with the way the emulator functions. Here is the list of these:

  1. GS – the graphic plug-in. This controls the images and 3D rendering.
  2. PAD – the control plug-in. This controls the way you control your games; if you use a keyboard or a gamepad. This controls the music and sound effects.
  3. CDVD – the CD/DVD plug in. This controls the scanning of your CDs/DVDs or graphics.
  4. USB – the USB plug-in. This controls USB emulation.
  5. DEV9 – the hard disk & Ethernet plug in.

Be aware you don’t possess to stay with the plug-ins which come with PCSX2. You may find better ones on the market if you Google around.


The PlayStation 2 BIOS is required to be able to boot up games. This is another download after you’ve downloaded PCSX2. Below you can download this BIOS.

  • PlayStation 2 BIOS (12.7 MB). Download from right-clicking the download link and go to Save Link As. If you do not find the document extension, try showing them.

Continue reading below for what to do next after you get into the BIOS.


Newer variants of PCSX2 are only standalone programs inside a zip file. Older models of PCSX2 install with a wizard. I’ll explain both situations.

Installing the stand alone app (newer versions)

Setup is easy: simply extract PCSX2 from its zip file.

IMPORTANT! PCSX2 has to be put in a frequent folder on your own PC. I recommend Records , Downloads, or make a folder on your desktop. If you place PCSX2 somewhere else on your main C drive, then you may be restricting it to read-only access. Doing so prevents PCSX2 from saving anything.

First Time Configuration + BIOS setup

  1. Open PCSX2 by double-clicking on. If you put in PCSX2 having an install wizard, you’d start it by going to your Start menu (your programs list) and start PCSX2 there.
  2. PCSX2 welcomes you with the very first Time Configuration display. Click on Next.
  3. The next screen only reviews the plug-ins which come with PCSX2. You don’t have to do anything here. Click Next.
  4. Next is your BIOS screen. Click Open from Explorer, as shown below:You will be prompted with a”This route does not exist. Create it? ” window. Click Create.
  5. Now Reduce this”First Time Configuration” window. Notice the route where the BIOS folder is located. Open up that folder. Download the BIOS in case you have not previously, unzip it, and drag its contents to the BIOS folder. It should look something similar to below:
  6. It’s important which you match the above screenshot on your end. Do not place the BIOS files in a sub folder within the BIOS folder!
  7. Click the Refresh list button (circled below).

  8. Click your desired country to choose it. Click Finish.
  9. That is it! PCSX2 is now fully installed and configured.
  10. Setting up the computer keyboard or gamepad
  11. Normally emulators have all the keyboard keys preconfigured, however, PCSX2’s keys are a bit clean slate the first time you start it! You don’t have any option but to configure them. Again, I urge you to purchase a gamepad since the PlayStation 2 controller includes lots of buttons. Using only the keyboard is an annoying experience.

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