Step-by-step instructions for Creating a keychain with your hands

A keychain from a branch

Such a fashionable holder is easy to make from throwaway materials, so it does not call for a lot of expenses. You and your child may create a keychain collectively – it’s fun and interesting.

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Keybox from a branch

The photograph indicates a hand-painted keychain, the rich design of that perfectly harmonizes with all the laconic white backdrop. Tools and stuff

You may need:

  • Thick branches;
  • acrylic paints;
  • hooks;
  • screws for attaching to the walls;
  • drill.

    Let’s proceed to the production of this handicraft:

    1. Find a branch of appropriate thicknesswash it with soap or whitewash, dry it in sunlight or on a radiator. Paint the dried branch using acrylic paint.

    Versions of painted branches.

    2. Screwing hooks to the branch. If the wood is too hard, you make holes of the ideal diameter, then add glue and add the pins.

    Hooks for a keychain

    Hooks inserted to the branch.

    3. Drilling holes for screws, with which to attach the final keyhole into the wall.

    The hole

    The product design may be almost any: that the keybox will soon be original and memorable.

    Keybox made of Lego

    Multicolored holder appears harmonious in a modern inside and immediately attracts attention. It’ll be valued by creative individuals and fans of the mythical constructor. It’s not tricky to generate a keychain.

    You may need:

    • Lego fundamental platform;
    • A pair of Lego bricks;
    • Double-sided screws or tape;
    • Degree;
    • Keys onto a string having a ring.

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