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Lots of photographers and retouchers frequently get confused and cannot opt for the app or the applications to maximize their picture post processing. Very important resources for speeding up the process of photographic retouching are specialist Lightroom presets. They have special saved settings of image parameters (colours, shadows, tints, comparison, and clarity) which improve the quality of the photo in Adobe Lightroom fast and effortless. There are so many LR plugins and sometimes it can be difficult to find good ones in Google. The worldwide picture sourcing company FixThePhoto expands the listing of their services by giving complimentary Lightroom presets. The pros of the New York-based business worked hard and created 200 amazing packages of distinct Lightroom presets for professional photographers and amateur retouchers. Below there is the list of 9 best Lightroom presets they supply. 1. White and black preset bundles The very first in the listing of top Lightroom presets is that the set of black-and-white effects, without which no amorous picture post processing could be done. Only these two elegant colors may give pictures stylish, despair & nostalgia, joy & refinement. Black and white photograph retouching also hides unnecessary components and smoke photos. This LR preset can be employed for kids, wedding, portrait and landscape photographs. 2. The best Lightroom presets for weddings this sort of LR plugins have been created for Top Lightroom presets for optimizing the workflow photographers that like to retouch thousands of photos extremely fast. Inspired by soft tones and film change, these wedding Lightroom presets make subtle and creamy colors and improve with the ideal quantity of sophistication and fashion. Retouchers and wedding photographers use this pack of wedding Lightroom presets and also bring out the best in most of wedding pictures. This bundle consists of exclusive, high quality LR effects to be used with all sorts of wedding pictures: family, collection, kids, couple or involvement photography. 3. Bundle of Lightroom presets for portraits Speed up and improve your photo retouching workflow with these free Lightroom presets for pictures. They enhance the quality of photos, adjust visible skin flaws, make color correction of the backdrop and adjust the color palette. View the before and after examples and choose the effect you’ll need: B&W, Vintage, Film, Soft, Sepia, Matte, etc.. Download those Lightroom presets for pictures and amaze your customers with fashion and High End outcomes. 4. Matte Lightroom presets Here is definitely the most famous pack of Lightroom presets Reddit offers. The matte Adobe Lightroom presets are magnificent, and also create your photographs pop. These expert Lightroom presets free can add a gorgeous matte effect to your images easily. Having run the LR plugin you have to modify the sliders from Adobe LR to attain the look you desire. 5

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